Elliott Ingersoll Ph.D
Integral Psychotherapy, Coaching & Consulting
Spirituality is a transcendent function present in all people and is the source of their awareness and being. The Integral work I do in psychotherapy, coaching and consulting includes the client's conception of spirituality. As part of the Integral approach, I recognize that there are diverse experiences of spirituality and ways to conceptualize it. These I trust to the client but if it is important to a client, we will include it in the work. See the publications section for some of my work on spirituality and psychotherapy/coaching.  
Religious and Spiritual Issues
One of my areas of expertise is around religious and spiritual issues. I work with clients to help them through dissonance that arises between their conceptualization of the transcendent and their everyday experience. The transcendent is right where you are sitting now and this is what I aim for clients to experience with whatever forms they choose.
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