Elliott Ingersoll Ph.D
Integral Psychotherapy, Coaching & Consulting
Integral Coaching
Coaching is different from psychotherapy in that clients are not suffering from psychological symptoms that inhibit their ability to grow. Coaching clients are functioning adequately psychologically but want to change their lives. Integral Coaching helps clients take action through motivation, methods of inquiry, and assisting clients in using the Integral Model to achieve their goals and improve their lives. 

As part of my coaching and psychotherapy work, I am certified to administer the Sentence Completion Test Integral (SCTi-MAP). More information on this test is available on the page titled "Ego Development Testing."

I do Integral Coaching with clients from around the world. Because coaching clients are not suffering from psychological symptoms that impede their ability to move forward, coaching can be done effectively over the phone or in person. Clients interested in coaching services can contact me at
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